Informational Webinars for Non-Entitlement Units of Local Government

Webinar on Introduction to the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) held on 3/14/2023

Webinar on updated FAQ Guidance, Single Audit, and the Alternative Compliance Examination held on 8/23/22

Webinar on Subrecipients, Contractors and Beneficiaries held on 7/12/22

Webinar on Reporting held on 02/24/22

Webinar on the Final Rule held on 01/26/22

Webinar on the Uniform Guidance held on 12/14/21

Webinar on Revenue Loss held on 11/23/21

Webinar on ARPA Planning and Implementation held on 08/05/21

Webinar on Funding Request Guidance held on 06/17/21