Debra Lichter, Director, Departmental Coordination and Federal Legislation
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The Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) provides leadership for the State’s system from birth-12 public education and rehabilitation services. We provide strong leadership, strategic resources, and policy guidance to our local schools as they prepare our students for success beyond graduation. The MSDE is unwavering in pursuing the goal of equity and excellence for Maryland students. It is this goal that propels us to support and enhance ongoing initiatives, as well as pursuing new innovations. All of our resources are being leveraged to produce results, ranging from the launching of major initiatives to the commitment of making small improvements in operations every single day. Working together with all of our stakeholders, we are opening the doors to new ideas and ways of thinking that elevate and enhance student achievement.
The dedicated staff of MSDE will continue this journey with enthusiasm, guided by the goal of student success and driven by the promise and potential in every one of Maryland’s students