Customer Inquiry Response Times and Overall Time-to-Resolution

SDAT Call Tree uses an auto attendant which relies on the taxpayer to use their keypad to press a corresponding number to reach the desired department.  Based on our analysis of calls, trends, and escalations, many of our taxpayers do not know who they need to speak with or which department they actually need to reach. 
What typically happens as a result? Taxpayers make repeated calls or get directed to the incorrect division. How has SDAT remedied the situation? We updated our Auto Attendant Flow Chart and Scripts to help callers reach the right individual or department.
Our average wait time from FY21 to FY22 reduced by 15 minutes.  Additionally, we were able to answer 96% of our calls vs. 49% in FY21.  Our call abandonment rate decreased from 20% to 1.25%. 
 8x8 Analytics also allows us to observe a graphical view of call interaction journey and discover the most common IVR paths utilized by customers.  This helped us target processes for change to improve the customer experience. SDAT’s CSCC also uses 8x8’s Quality Management and Speech Analytics to discover, analyze, review and monitor customer interactions for quality assurance and training purposes. 
In FY22 we also integrated our phone system with Freskdesk to track customer information, emails, knowledge-based articles/solution guides, automate call event notes, and recording of calls.   This customer relationship management tool allows us to collaborate with programs to streamline and simplify how we interact with customers overall.   
Calls and emails that come to the contact center are immediately ticketed and linked to a number and customer contact for reference.  SDAT created a service level agreement (SLA) policy to set the standard of performance for our CSCC support team.  This SLA policy is the time which agents should respond to, and respond to tickets based on ticket priorities.  
We have multiple SLA policies based on the complexity of the issue. SDAT created a service level agreement (SLA) as follows:
Urgent – 4 hours
High – 1 day
Medium – 2 days
Low – 3 days
To assist with agent productivity, more than 45 pre-created responses (canned responses) and action are available for reuse for commonly asked questions.  This has helped us reduce information transfers by 50% and increase our SLA %.
Additionally, the CSCC provides resolution to a diverse range of customer complaints forwarded to the attention of SDAT’s leadership team, Public Relations, the Governor’s Office, and Customer Service surveys.  This eliminates the duplicate contacts, and we use Freshdesk to track our contacts and SLA within our Escalation process and Tiered call system.