FY21 Highlights

• Like everyone, the Maryland Department of State Police was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic during this past year. The Department had additional responsibilities, new procedures and enhanced precautions as we fulfilled our duties. The women and men of this Department responded with their usual dedication to duty and continued strong traffic and criminal enforcement efforts throughout the year, despite dramatic changes caused by the pandemic.
• The Maryland Department of State Police (MDSP) continues to improve the tracking, responsiveness and time-to-resolution of all electronic, telephone, written and in-person correspondences.
• The MDSP continues to ensure supervisors and employees strive to improve on best practices in customer service.
• The MDSP continues to strive for timely processing of agency services to help citizens and businesses accomplish their transactions.
• The MDSP has increased the number of services the State provides online to allow citizens and businesses to utilize self-service options.  The MDSP has specific links for specific services, such as, obtaining police reports or accessing forms and publications or learning about applying for a gun permit.  For example, a citizen can log on to mdsp.org and click on “Obtain Police Reports” under the “Citizen Services” section.  If a citizen is requesting a copy of a motor vehicle accident report, they would click on the “Request for Motor Vehicle Accident Report” at the bottom of the page, download and print.  The citizen can complete the form and mail it to the Central Records Division.  The report will then be mailed directly to the citizen requesting the information.
• The MDSP continues to expand all social media outlets in order to continue an ongoing effort to communicate directly with the community we serve.  The MDSP continually strives to make sure information is current and accurate. 
• The MDSP has maintained longer business hours in which citizens can contact personnel in administrative units, such as the Licensing Division, in order to meet customer needs.