About the Department of Health

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) works to promote and improve the health and safety of all Marylanders through disease prevention, access to care and customer service. MDH has five major administrations: Public Health Services, Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities, Maryland Medicaid and Operations. MDH also includes 22 health occupations boards and commissions. The boards and commissions license and regulate health care professionals and make recommendations on issues that affect Maryland’s health care delivery system. MDH consists of a staff of over 9,500 and a budget of more than $19.6 billion to provide services to Maryland citizens and communities.
  • The Public Health Services Administration oversees vital public services to Maryland residents including: infectious disease control, environmental health programs, family health services, food safety, health care quality, vital records, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, the State Anatomy Board, and the activities of the 24 local health departments in Maryland.
  • The Behavioral Health Administration promotes recovery, resiliency, health, and  wellness for individuals who have emotional, substance use, addictive and/or psychiatric disorders. 
  • The Developmental Disabilities Administration provides a coordinated service delivery system to ensure appropriate services for individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. 
  • The Maryland Medicaid Administration implements the Medicaid program, which features the MDH’s HealthChoice and Children’s Health Insurance Program along with other initiatives, including those that help people with the cost of prescription  medications. 
  • The Operations Administration oversees public health/medical preparedness and response, facilities management and development, procurement and contract management, secured transport and investigations, residential treatment for adolescents, and the MDH Healthcare System, an 11 facility system focused on providing services to individuals with behavioral health conditions, chronic care conditions, and developmental disabilities.

The Office of Constituent Services (OCS) is a unique support and services office located in the Office of the Secretary. OCS functions as the MDH customer service center by managing inquiries, casework and direct correspondence via telephone, USPS and electronic mail. Inquiries from the Governor’s Office, elected officials, direct inquiries to the MDH website through webform or web chat and correspondence to the Secretary and Deputy Secretaries are received, managed and tracked through our adopted web-based software system, Intranet Quorum (IQ). OCS provides information, feedback, and resources to facilitate and assist in citizen access to appropriate services and resources. In addition, OCS fields governor's office voicemails related to health and COVID-19.