Detailed FY22 Results
and FY23 Plans

Customer Service Survey Results

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) continues to strive for 100% customer satisfaction. The Governor’s Office of Performance Improvement (GOPI) provides weekly survey insights, giving the opportunity to review, analyze, reflect, and respond to constituents' honest and valued feedback regarding their experiences with the various Administration, Offices and Boards/Commissions. Since FY20, MDH has made it a practice to follow-up with all Neutral to Very Dissatisfied survey responses from constituents. This practice has been beneficial to ensure that constituents' issues have been addressed and that we are able to reflect on the valuable feedback regarding their experience to address operational woes to provide training back to the various programs of MDH.
Below is the Year to Date (YTD) overall satisfaction rating from the received surveys on behalf of our constituents.

FY21 Constituent Voice

Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists
"Sweet, professional, patient, and responsive during my application process. I really enjoyed working with [Alexandra] and would have her handle all of my applications if I could." -Constituent provided feedback for Alexandra Langston, License Coordinator
Medicaid Provider Services
“Wonderful in helping resolve my issue. I had been going back and forth with the ePREP hotline for 4 months with no resolution of my concern. Ms. Boyd went above and beyond to ensure my issue was resolved within a few days. I cannot thank Ms. Boyd enough for her dedication to helping me. This is what customer service is all about.” - Constituent feedback for Stephanie Boyd, Maryland Medicaid electronic Provider Revalidation and Enrollment Portal (ePREP)
Cecil County Health Department
“I wanted to take the time to praise the work of Ryan (Parker), Peer Recovery Specialist through CATCH hotline. I had a patient reach out to the CATCH hotline, linked to Ryan who had assisted me and the patient to a SUD inpatient. I had hit several roadblocks along the way and Ryan came to our rescue!!! He secured the rehab and [patient] can be discharged tomorrow to a SUD inpatient facility with Jason (Nunley) transporting!

Job well done! I cannot thank the CATCH hotline for all their assistance from all the staff to the patients I serve here at the hospital.  Today is the day Jason shined!" - Email from Rebecca L, social worker
Board of Occupational Therapy
"I am currently dealing with a lot of different boards due to being a traveling Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA), but you guys are, hands down, the quickest to respond and always so fast with taking care of my requests. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all you do!!" - Survey feedback directly to Board 

Status of Customer Service Training

  • The Office of Constituent Services (OCS) leads a mandatory customer service training for all Intranet Quorum (IQ) correspondence managers including a comprehensive training on the OCS correspondence process and its alignment with the Governor’s Customer Service Process. In FY22 OCS reworked this training to ensure that correspondence best practices were documented. In FY22, OCS led 47 training sessions for correspondence managers and added 55 new correspondence managers across 10 offices at MDH and six boards/commissions.

  • The Office of Web Services launched a training academy in September 2021 to support the over 300 Sharepoint Content Editors and Approvers of MDH. The training sessions include SharePoint website basics 101, advanced content editing & content approver training, with forthcoming academy classes regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to create captivating content to best serve the constituents of Maryland.

Customer Inquiry Response Times and Overall Time-To Resolution

Timeliness of Responding to Customer Inquiries

The results of the Controlled Correspondence process have demonstrated a significant decrease in turnaround times for the MDH Controlled Correspondence processes and open case volume at any given time. In FY19, the OCS implemented the “24/7 Rule” requiring that each inquiry receive an acknowledgement from MDH within 24 hours of receipt. Once the inquiry has been routed to the appropriate administration, office, board and/or commission, the clock starts on a 7- business days turnaround for case closure. Once the 7 business days have elapsed, the case is considered overdue. The OCS closely tracks the cases for status updates during the 7-business day window to ensure that the inquiry is moving towards resolution or conclusion. The end goal is for MDH staff to provide timely response, and assistance to facilitate access to appropriate services and resources for the citizens of Maryland.
In addition to the case management in IQ, OCS responds to voicemails forwarded to mdh.healthmd@maryland.govfrom the Governor's Office. In FY22, OCS has responded to 1,338 voicemails forwarded to MDH related to COVID-19 and various health topics with an average response time of 24 business hours.

Best Practices

Through the expansion of correspondence managers across MDH, OCS is successfully integrating customer service best practices and controlled processes to ensure timely response and support. The use of standardized formatting, language, and general correspondence processes continues to ensure that MDH is meeting the standards set by the Governor’s Customer Service Promise.

Plans for Improvement

In FY22, MDH successfully addressed 15,384 constituent cases through IQ with an average completion time of nine calendar days (seven business days) with an overwhelming majority closing within seven days (five business days).
In FY23, OCS has a goal to decrease the average case completion time overall and decrease outstanding cases of 30+ days by 25%. OCS will work with Correspondence Managers on this goal by:
  • Identifying what crucial information is needed from constituents before routing cases to reduce down time during fact-finding.
  • Ensuring that Correspondence Managers are acquiring cases within 24 business hours, this acquiring process will assist in quickly confirming if cases should be re-routed for a more appropriate response.
  • Running quarterly case metrics for all Correspondence Managers to provide insights on case turnaround and completion times to identify where gaps exist.

Call Center Data

With the core goal of promoting and protecting the health of Marylanders, MDH has a vast and complex portfolio of administrations, offices, programs, hospitals, local health departments, and off-site call centers.
Below are some examples from across MDH to demonstrate volume of constituent activity. The following displayed data is since August 2021:
The Medicaid Office of Medical Benefits Management (Managed Care) has one call center.
  • One In-House Call Center, 12 staff
    • Provides assistance, education, and education to recipients and providers regarding medical and billing issues, eligibility status, and demographic updates
    • Operating hours are Monday- Friday, 8am to 6:30pm
    • Calls: 2,280 per week
Maryland Medicaid Pharmacy Services (MMP) has two call centers, one in house and one Point of Sale claim processing vendor (Conduent).
  • MMP in-house: Four staff, One supervisor
    • Provides assistance to Medicaid participants, prescribers and pharmacy providers with participants benefits and eligibility, claims submissions details, etc.
    • Operating hours are Monday- Friday, 8am to 5pm
    • Calls: 377 per week
  • Conduent: 10 staff including supervisor and call center staff
    • Provides Pharmacy providers and prescribers with member’s benefits and eligibility, claims submission details, coordination of benefits, etc.
    • Operating hours are 24/7/365
    • Calls: 226 calls per day
Vital Statistics Administration (VSA) has one call center.
  • One telephone line operated by approximately five to seven staff members.
    • Assists constituents with ordering or correcting birth and death records, as well as provides updates on the status of their orders.
    • Operating hours are 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Calls: approximately 2,500 per week
Behavioral Health Administration (BHA) has several call centers that assist constituents with gambling addictions, help with services in their area and a hotline for veterans.
  • Problem Gambling 24/7 Hotline (1-800-Gambler)
    • FY22 Calls: 517
  • 211 press 1
    • FY22 Calls: 60,945
    • FY22 Texts: 1,146
    • FY22 Chats: 800
  • Maryland’s commitment to Veterans 24/7 Hotline
    • FY22 Calls: 750
In FY22 and into FY23, MDH will continue to work on consolidating this vast portfolio into an all-MDH health equity support services to provide more streamlined, efficient, customer-friendly no-wrong-door into MDH service delivery.

MD GoVAX Call Center 

Launched in FY21 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MDGOVAX Call Center continues to support millions of Marylanders with equitable access to COVID-19 information, testing, therapeutic treatment, vaccine, immunization record support and rideshare capabilities to COVID-19 vaccine appointments.