Leadership Analysis of FY21 and Summary of FY22 Approach

The mission of the MDSP is to serve the people of Maryland and those who visit our State through purposed policing that protects our citizens, prevents criminal acts and traffic crashes, and provides the highest quality of law enforcement services available anywhere. Every MDSP employee is responsible to uphold the public trust by being honest and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct, by treating all people with respect in an unbiased manner and by providing dedicated and compassionate service to all citizens.
The MDSP Customer Service Promise describes our approach.  Customer service activities include:
1. Improving the tracking, responsiveness and time-to resolution of all electronic, telephone, written and in-person correspondence.
2. Ensuring state employees and managers continue to improve customer service skills through formal training classes and informal coaching on best practices in customer service.
3. Improving the processing times of agency services to help citizens and businesses accomplish their transactions with the State.
4. Increasing the number of services the State provides online so that citizens and businesses can utilize self-service, as appropriate.  For example, the Department reconstructed the MDSP website to make it more compatible with mobile devices, as well as to enhance the appearance and increase the use for citizens. 
5. Updating online publications, forms, FAQs, and pertinent information on our website so that citizens and businesses can find relevant information quickly and accurately. For example, specific links are dedicated to providing better “Citizen Services” and include:
• Obtain Police Reports
• Missing Persons
• Public Information Act (PIA) Requests
• Property Auctions
• Compliments or Complaints Against Personnel
• Documents, Forms & Publications
• Maryland Vehicle Inspection Program
• Licensing Division
6. Using social media to help get the word out about services, events and news to provide citizens and businesses with information relevant to them.  In an ongoing effort to communicate directly with the citizens we serve, the Department maintains an active social media presence on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.  The Department will continue to maximize these outlets and make sure information is current and accurate.
7. A Customer Experience Survey is available on our website for citizens and businesses to provide feedback. Results are used to make improvements to services.
In addition to these core customer service-related activities, we will also analyze our business hours in order to better align them to customer needs, conduct focus group-type meetings with stakeholders, ensure literature is up-to-date, and conduct staff meetings to discuss progress on achieving customer service goals.   We are committed to providing excellence in every interaction and to all customers in this great state of Maryland.