Letter from the Senior Executive Director

Governor Hogan:
It is my pleasure to present the 2022 Customer Service Annual Report for the Governor's Coordinating Offices. 
As Maryland continues to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Coordinating Offices have continued to meet the extraordinary demand on state agencies to meet customer needs. Over the past year, staff have not only continued to receive training and implement customer service improvement and support plans—but they have also discovered new ways to adapt service models to meet the evolving needs and expectations of our customers.  We continue to collect customer satisfaction data and to solicit direct feedback from our customers, all to maintain continual improvement in addressing service goals and meet Marylanders where they are in order to fulfill their customer service needs.
As we transition to a new administration, I am confident that our customer service record will be a lasting part of the Hogan administration’s legacy. We are proud to serve Marylanders and hope the value of exceptional customer service will remain a part of the Coordinating Offices for years to come.
Thank you,

Patrick J. Lally
Senior Executive Director
Governor’s Coordinating Offices