FY21 Highlights

While MDE ensures protection of public health and the environment, MDE staff strive to provide outstanding services to our stakeholders, including both citizens and the regulated community. MDE staff assists the regulated community with understanding complex environmental requirements, and responds to many citizen inquiries.
MDE issued over 15,000 permits, licenses, certifications, and approvals in FY21.  Over half of these were issued within 30 days or less.  89% were issued within the applicable standard application turnaround times, which are reviewed annually with opportunities for customer input.
MDE gets over 5,000 Public Information Act (PIA) requests annually, more than almost every other agency.  Ninety-six percent (96%) of MDE's FY21 PIA finding letters were completed within 30 days. Finding letters convey information to the requesters about what documents the agency has available, as well as the cost - if applicable - and timing that may be needed to provide the requested material.

Customer satisfaction data is tracked by calendar year (CY), and in CY20, 86% of customer survey respondents in CY20 report being either very satisfied (80%) or somewhat satisfied (6%) with the customer service provided by MDE.

MDE is continuing to improve transparency by increasing public access to inspection and permitting data through the Open MDE data portal.  Open MDE provides information, updated in real time, about many MDE activities including water-related inspections, violations, enforcement actions, and complaints, including providing access to searchable databases for wastewater permits, wetlands permits, and sanitary sewer overflows. MDE is working to expand the data available through this new portal.