Given to Employees

Denise Nooe, Deputy Director
Outreach and Advocacy Program
In June 2021, Denise Nooe received a Governor’s Citation for her many years of dedication to the veteran community. In this photo from left to right: Lori Pinson, (MDVA senior procurement officer), Katie Sonntag, (executive assistant to the secretary), Denise Nooe (deputy director- Outreach Program), Yasim Karaman (Policy Advisor- Office of the Governor) and MDVA Secretary George Owings.
Mike Cantrell, Veterans Benefits Specialist
Service and Benefits Program
In August 2020, Mike Cantrell, a benefits specialist with the MDVA Service Program received the prestigious Gold VA Pin Award from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.  In this photo from left to right: MDVA Service Program Director Phil Munley, Michael Cantrell (veteran benefits specialist - Bel Air MDVA office), Taryn Hope (former MDVA employee), Janet Thomas (MDVA service program area supervisor) and MDVA Deputy Secretary Robert Finn