Learning Resources

on the Maryland

Open Data Portal


Below is a collection of the resources available here on the open data portal. They will help you understand how to navigate and utilize the data on the portal.
For more information about the open data portal itself, the Open Data Policy and Standards documentation outlines the purpose of the portal, its function, and how it is used by State Employees: Open Data Policy and Standards.
State employees should be aware that when signing up for an account on the open data portal, they can also request an account on the Internal Data Portal at https://data.maryland.gov.
Training Videos
Step-by-step walkthroughs on navigating through and using the tools available on the open data portal.
Topics include Navigating the PortalFiltering Data, Visualizing Data, Uploading Data (relevant to State Employees only), and Georeferencing Data for Upload (relevant to State Employees only). The page also includes links to Tyler Technologies documentation for these topics and more.
image of You Tube training videos
Mapping Tutorial
For an example of how to use the Data & Insights mapping tool, view the following Mapping Example. The tutorial is still valid but the data used is no longer available.
This tutorial was created using the state's publicly available information on vehicle crashes: Maryland Statewide Vehicle Crashes which has been removed from the Open Data Portal by request from MD State Police.
map image
External Links (from Tyler Tech, Inc. Data & Insights)
Below is a short list of documents provided by Tyler Technologies, Inc., the provider of the interface for the open data portal. This list of introductory topics may help you to get started using the Maryland Open Data Portal; to browse all of the available learning materials on your own, visit: Tyler Technologies, Data & Insights Knowledge Base.
Training Videos (via Tyler Tech, Inc.)
Tyler Technologies, Inc. has also provided training videos of its own: Videos Guides.
Tyler Tech videos

Additional Training Materials

Previously-used training materials can still be found on the portal (updated in Nov, 2023).
Open Data Portal Tutorial for Maryland State Agencies
This PDF document is a comprehensive tutorial for DoIT's State Agency counterparts to assist in navigating their use of the portal for providing Open Data to the public as required by the Open Data Act.
Open Data Tutorial (link) for Maryland State Agencies