Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds for Non-Entitlement Units of Local Government Resources and Information

The American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) has allocated approximately $528.96M in Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (CLFRFs) to Non-Entitlement Units (NEUs) of Local Government, as defined in section 603(g)(5) of the Social Security Act. Under ARPA, the State of Maryland is required to distribute funds and requirements to NEUs within 30 days upon receipt of CLFRFs from the US Treasury. Funds will be distributed in two tranches, with the initial allocation (50 percent of total allocation) disbursed upfront and the second allocation to follow 12 months later. 

Have questions?

If you have any questions specific to how your community can use CLFRF, please use the NEU Question Submission Portal to submit them and someone from our team will follow up with specific guidance.

Thank you for attending our webinar on Revenue Loss

The State and MML hosted a webinar on Revenue Loss on Tuesday, November 23 from 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM EST.
The materials for the event will be posted on the website shortly. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted a response!

The State collected numerous responses over several weeks and is incorporating your valuable feedback into our Technical Assistance Program.
Instructions to Request Funding: 
To comply with guidelines set forth by the U.S. Treasury, the State of Maryland is requiring that your organization prepare the following information prior to submitting your Request for Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds:
  1. By June 30, 2021, submit a Request or Denial of Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds form. If your municipality has not received a link to complete this request, please email

    NEUs are not required to receive CLFRF and may deny CLFRF. In making a determination to accept or deny funds, municipalities should consider their community's need and their ability to manage and administer CLFRF compliantly. If you decline funding, we will follow up with your organization directly because you must complete and sign a form pursuant to U.S. Treasury guidance.
  2. Obtain or confirm your local government’s valid DUNS number
  3. Gather your local government’s payment information:
    1. Local government name, Entity’s Taxpayer Identification Number, DUNS number and address.
    2. Authorized representative name, title, and email.
    3. Contact person name, title, phone, and email.
    4. Financial institution information (e.g., routing and account number, financial institution name and contact information).
  4. Confirm your local government’s total annual budget (defined as total annual operating budget, including the general fund and other funds, in effect as of January 27, 2020). If your local government does not adopt a formal budget, please confirm your top-line expenditure total. Note: use the budget documentation that your municipality submitted to the State of Maryland Department of Legislative Services (DLS) as a reference point to help you prepare. Please review the documentation you previously submitted to DLS and confirm that it meets the definition of Total Annual Budget as defined above. If you have questions or need assistance, please email us at
  5. Register in as soon as possible after receiving the award, pursuant to 2 C.F.R. Part 25.
For more information, please reference the resources below. 

State of Maryland Technical Assistance Program Resources
United States Treasury Resources
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For any questions regarding your Request for Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Funds or additional programmatic questions, please contact